Mzyme about us
Explore the world with MZYME!
Make you looking forward to the surprises along the way.
Mzyme map
Your daily life,
now is a big playground.
Be a treasure hunter in the 21st century.
MZYME’s gamify experience will encouge you to discover wonderful things around you.
Kindle everyday with more and more fun!
Mzyme map
Mzyme map
Mzyme map
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Mzyme about us
MZYME is the future of interactive experience.
The virtual-real fusion of NFT technology is combined with various aspects of daily life, such as food, clothing, housing and transportation to give people a whole new experience in an exploration app.

You can collect interesting elements hidden around you by participating in interesting tasks, and experience life in a more unrestrained way.
Always Exciting
Keep using MZYME to experience more and more new things in the process and finally find the most suitable lifestyle for you.
Connect People
Continue to participate in MZYME activities! Meet new people in different circles with the same interests and lifestyles as you.
Play to Earn
Keep earning rewards and behavioral data at MZYME to earn more data points while picking up NFTs and solving tasks.
Get Started with MZYME
Starting today, you'll be able to experience your life in a more fun way.
Don’t let this chance slip away from your hand!
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Search for MZYME through the App Store or Google Play and download it.
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