Mzyme about us
In MZYME, we aims to change this world.
Let’s build an ideal future together!
“The highest reward that God gives us for good work is the ability to do better work.”
-- Elbert Hubbard
Who says work is just about work?
We solve problems, make fun, give meaning and create new possibilities for people at work.

If you have aspired to change, enrich and do something matters for this world, join us! We will give you more space to play your fists and feet, and more creativity waiting for you to play.
Mzyme career
A more focused environment
We always take good ideas no matter who you are. <br /> The flat struture provides an open and free space of conversation.
More interesting challenges
We like our job to be exciting and enjoyable! The various kind of challenges from company task board encouage us to get extra for completing them.
More balanced life
With our Work from Anywhere discipline, our teammates feel more flexible and balanced between work and life being able to arrange their time by their own.
Job Vacancy
Mzyme tutorialProduct Manager
1. Constantly look for potential product opportunities through competitive product analysis and user research in the market, and conduct a proposal report once a week
2. Write and integrate product requirements, collaborate with Dev team and design team on product development
3. After the proposal is passed, and the design (UI/UX), the software engineering team evaluates the feasibility and transfers the requirements to the project
4. After the product is launched, judge the effect through data analysis and find out the direction that can be optimized
5. Maintain smooth communication with marketing business and other departments
Change with us
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